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Team Gurken to the Rescue

The apocalypse happened, and two slightly mutated pickles emerge from the nuclear dust as unlikely heroes. Help each other overcome the obstacles of a world past destruction and use the unique bond of radiation to give your teammate new abilities as you encounter the animals of the urban forest.

The game was made in two days on the Ubisoft Game Jam by Steffi, David, Anna, Marina and Fedja. A shared theme between all the games was "non-confrontational games".

Have fun!


You need two gamepads to play this game, preferably Xbox 360 gamepads or similar. Each player controls one pickle, and the game cannot be played alone.

  • Left Stick: Move
  • A: Jump by pressing A or Glide by holding A (only with the squirrels flying ability)
  • B: Acquire ability from animal (i.e. give it to your teammate)
  • Right Stick: Aim (only with the geckos grappling tongue ability)
  • Right Trigger: Shoot (only with the geckos grappling tongue ability)

Note that the level doesn't have a proper end right now - if you see "Exit" in big letters, then you actually made it. There's no exit portal behind that, although some players actually made it past the sign.


Nuclear Pickle.zip 34 MB

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