A downloadable framework for Windows

Duality is a modular 2D game engine that provides its own visual editor. It's highly extensible, written entirely in C# and backed by OpenGL.

Engine Features

  • Plugin Architecture
    Easily introduce game logic via plugin
  • Component Based Design
    Allows your own code to blend in seamlessly
  • Base Infrastructure
    Rendering, Audio, Physics, User Input, ...
  • Content Management
    Takes care of all your game resources

Editor Features

  • Live Editing
    Preview and Test directly in the editor
  • Hot-Reload Resources
    Modified Assets are automatically reloaded
  • Hot-Reload Plugins
    Write code and test it directly without restart
  • Modular Design
    Tailor the editor exactly to fit your game

User Reviews

This is the best open source engine I've ever worked with. Clean and understandable code, all pure .Net, an incredibly fully featured editor, and an awesome component-oriented approach to building games.

- Andrew O'Connor, BatCat Games

Easy to learn while still in-depth enough to develop everything you want

- SirePi, forum user

Duality has just the right balance of code / design, and I think it's one of the engines standout features.

- hsnabn, forum user


Install instructions

To run the Duality editor and default launcher implementation, the .Net Framework 4.5 is required. The first install will require an internet connection to download the pre-built default packages.

In order to develop custom plugins and game logic, Visual Studio 2013 (Update 3 or newer) is recommended. Custom setups with other IDEs and build chains are possible for more experienced users.


Latest Binary Release


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I really want to try this engine, it seems really cool


My computer is really bad, and I don't know if I can use this game engine, because I tryed to launch the engine and it just have not entered, so I just want to know the especifications that the computer have to have to use this, can you answer me?

I'm excited to try this engine!

I really like this engine! I'm already planning to move one of my latest games to Duality! I find it very similar to Unity, only designed for 2D.